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Be the Difference.
Help a Friend in Need.

Download the App now to access information on up to 40 different life events, know how to find appropriate support services and professional helpers....

Why should you make a difference?

FIN 1 in 3 1.0-22-22.png
1 in 3 people
don't have someone to
turn to for
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Strong social support networks promote best outcomes for those going through a tough time
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Accessing professional help early can prevent the need for crisis support later

Research backed training


Resources and links


Download the app

Man Trying App

Help in your pocket for you and your friend is here! Download the Friend in Need App, proudly supported by Lotterywest.

Friend in Need is a community education initiative that helps people help others.

Our resources provide meaningful information and advice from professionals on how to support someone going through a tough time. 


We are working with a range of organisations, local governments and community groups to make this resource available to anyone in the WA community.

Our supporters...

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