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About Us

Friend in Need is a wellbeing initiative that builds stronger communities and helps people help each other. Developed by Anglicare WA and proudly supported by Lotterywest, Friend in Need is also supported by a network of community partners in across WA. 

People can be reluctant to talk about mental health, relationship, or financial difficulties. Lack of knowledge, shame and stigma are some of the top reasons for this. However, research tells us that strong social connections contribute to positive outcomes for every individual, regardless of circumstances.

Our aim is to help people to support those they care about by:  


  • becoming more confident in talking about sensitive topics;

  • identifying ways to offer help;

  • increasing knowledge about professional supports and how to find these services – ideally before the situation is at crisis point. 


Friend in Need was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in WA. Watching the way people came together to support each other made us realise that there were many who were willing to reach and help others in difficult times. We aim to capture and build upon this spirit of altruism to grow stronger, healthier communities.  

Together, we can build a community that cares.

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