About Us

Friend in Need is a wellbeing initiative that helps people help each other. 

What we do 


We offer tailored workshops which give you the skills and confidence you need to support those in your social network going through a difficult time. 

Our training sessions are engaging and interactive, and include the following content: 

  • How to recognise when someone is struggling.

  • How to start a conversation about sensitive topics.

  • How to provide emotional and practical support.

  • Where to go for professional help and services.


What people are saying

See what our past course participants have to say!

“I have been in Community Development for 20 years and this is one of the best community training sessions I have attended.” 



“This is such a great initiative. The energy and feel was so friendly and supportive and optimistic. I felt inspired.”



of participants find our training useful


of participants feel more confident helping a friend, after taking our training



Friend in Need was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in WA. Watching the way people came together to support each other made us realise that there were many who were willing to reach and help others in difficult times. We aim to capture and build upon this spirit of altruism to grow stronger, healthier communities.  

From 2022, Friend in Need workshops are run by Anglicare WA’s Clear Minds practice.