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Strengthen Your Community.

Help a mate. Help your community. Be a Friend in Need ambassador. 

There is a good chance that every day someone you know is facing mental health, relationship or financial difficulties – which is why we are looking for ‘everyday’ people to talk about these challenges, in every community. Workplaces, sport clubs, social groups, schools. You name it.  

We want you to help us spread the word about how to help and where to find additional support. The more people we have talking about these sensitive issues and sharing information, the better chance we have of growing stronger, happier communities. 

We have a range of resources for you to use. Download the App or print off one of our awareness raising posters to share with your colleagues or club.


You might like to go a step further and deliver a Friend in Need session to your workplace, school or community group. If this is something you are interested in, just contact us. We will talk you through the process and share with you our delivery notes, case study questions and other useful resources.  


  • Reach out when your gut tells you someone is struggling. 

  • Talk, listen, empathise. 

  • Look for ways to empower, connect and share knowledge. 

  • Encourage self care – this applies to you, and the friend you are concerned about. 

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